"The Positive Person and Positive Athlete Award"

Dear Aquamasters Family,


As Aquamasters Board of Directors, we have been thinking about opening up "The Positive Person and Positive Athlete Award" category for a long time. This year, this wish comes true.


We are pleased to introduce you an athlete who is extremely open for new experiences, constructive, supportive; who has high sense of belonging; who is modest and natural in her behavior; who can constantly energize herself and others with her free spirit, who can cheer up the environment with her presence, and always think positive: Seda Kanburoğlu is  first "The Aquamasters’ Positive Athlete".


First of all, we would like to thank Seda for considering and feeling herself as a part of the Aquamasters Family, and embodying the sense of belonging, which is the most fundamental value of socialization. We will present her award in our championships in Göcek. We would like to share with you her words:


“Aquamasters was the first open water swimming race I participated in my swimming career, which started about three years ago, and it is very special for me. My Aquamaster adventure starting from the 2019 Marmaris Championships has motivated me to swim, and contributed significantly to improving myself in this sport. With the enthusiasm I got from Aquamasters, swimming has become a passion for me.


I am incredibly happy to know that I am part of this family!


I look forward to every Aquamasters event, and I would like to express my endless thanks to everyone who contributed to the organization for making such high quality, enjoyable and sports-filled organizations real.


I hope to see you in Göcek, and wish you joyful days in the water.



Seda Kanburoğlu.”