What is Turquoise Swimming Series?


Turquoise Swimming Series is a brand new performance category that will take place for the first time in Turkey in International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships in 2021. 

Turquoise Swimming Series is an independent category that focuses on the endurance of the swimmers’ performances. Total scores in Marmaris,Göcek and Bodrum championships in 2021 will determine the champions of 2021. 

Turquoise Swimming Series will consider the scores of our swimmers in 1K, 2K, 3K and 6K courses. 
Individual swimmers are invited to participate Turquoise Swimming Series. Swimmers are expected to participate the courses in the table below in their own age category. 

Only the swimmers who participated all three stages of International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships in 2021, which will take place in Marmaris,Göcek and Bodrum will be evaluated under the name Turquoise Swimming Series. 

Persistent participation of the swimmer is essential. As the performances will be evaluated in equal seasonal conditions, all three courses are obligatory.

How can I participate the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships?


Click the Application tab on our website and complete the application forms. After you complete the forms and attach your bank receipt, your registration is complete, and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Do I have to be a registered swimmer to participate the International Aquamasters Swimming Championships?


The participants have to submit at least one of the two following documents to the jury: Swimming, Waterpolo, Triathlon or Modern Pentathlon License with a valid 2020-2021 visa, or a health certificate received in the last six months. Foreign swimmers will be accredited with their passports and commitment letters.




  1. Swimmers older than 18 have to submit a signed consent letter to the jury.

  2. Swimmers younger than 18 have to have the consent letter signed by their parents.

  3. Swimmers cannot participate without consent letters.


How much is the participation fee?

Please check the Reglements

Do I have to make the payment to be registered?


>International swimmers, who reside in Turkey, are required to pay the entrance fee to the following account: Tia Tanitim ve Reklamcilik Ltd. Sti, IBAN: TR68 0006 7010 0000 0062 6381 76 (Yapı ve Kredi Bankası İstanbul Ulus Mahallesi Şubesi). Please add the note race type like “Night Swim or Relay Meet) or Marathon ” to the receipt. Please attach the receipt and individual or team e-registration form (which includes the racetrack preferences and body size) to the application form in APPLICATION  tab on website. The system will not accept incomplete application forms.

> International swimmers who do not reside in Turkey, can make swimming race participation fee payments to the accounting officer on site, and collect their receipt.


Is it possible to cancel my registration to the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships?


No, it is not. You cannot cancel your registration once you make the payment and complete the registration. The swimmers who do not participate the races for any reasons will not receive their race kits.



When will I get the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship race kit?


Please see the regalement of the race you will participate for the place, date and time of kit delivery.

Only one race pack will be given to the swimmers in the combined race preference.



How can I get my International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship participation certificate?


All participants who complete the course will receive an e-certificate, which they can download via the provided link in our web site 

How can I get to Marmaris?

There are 5 ways to get from Marmaris to Dalaman Airport by bus, taxi, car, towncar or shuttleRECOMMENDED OPTION
Bus  •  2h 50m
Take the bus from Marmaris to Dalaman 
Shuttle  •  1h 30m
Take a shuttle bus from Marmaris to Dalaman Airport
Taxi  •  1h 24m
Take a taxi from Marmaris to Dalaman Airport 95.7 km
Drive  •  1h 24m
Drive from Marmaris to Dalaman Airport 95.7 km
Towncar  •  1h 24m